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How It Works

First, you take 10 minutes to fill out this form about your home.

Second, we review your information and do some homework.

Third, we call you and schedule a time to see the property. In some cases, we don't even have to see it to be able to make you an offer.

Fourth, we agree upon a price and schedule a time and place of closing (usually in 7 days or less.)

Fifth, we all attend the closing. You get PAID and hand over the KEYS.

That's the Cash for Keys way.

Was Your Home Already Sold At Foreclosure Auction?

This is a very unfortunate event. We're very sorry but we cannot help those whose homes have already gone to auction. But there is good news:

Many lenders have what's called a 'Cash for Keys' program and many people visit our website for information on how to participate. This program is ONLY for those who are still in the property after the house goes to auction, but before eviction takes place.

The basic idea of an After-the-auction 'Cash for Keys' program is this:

The new owner of your home pays the person in the house to move and to leave the property in good condition. This way everybody wins. They get you or the tenant out of the house with minimal damage to the property, they can avoid paing for an eviction, and you get money to help move out. It's a GREAT program. HOWEVER, the only person that you can speak to about this program in YOUR situation, is the person or company that bought the house at the auction.

If your mortgage company bought the house at auction: Call your mortgage company and ask about this program. They will likely assign a Realtor to contact you. When you area contacted, that is the time to ask them for the money. The amount they pay you is negotiable and varies from company to company.

If an investor bought the house at auction: They may or may not offer you a dime but it does not hurt to ask!

Either way, if your house has already gone to foreclosure auction, cannot assist you even though we truly wish we could.